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*** 由经验丰富的教师授课的11+补课班现在开始招生啦! ***

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11+ Exam preparation class:
Our very successful 11+ training classes are recruiting students who will be in Year 4 and  5 in September.
To apply please email:
The training covers Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning.

课程包括数学, 英语和文学推理, 凡2019年9月开学后进入四或五年级的学生均可报名参加课程。

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课程申请  Apply using the link:

1. 支票支付 : 支票抬头请写   Cheque Payment : please make cheque payable to
Reading  Chinese School
Please remark at the back of the cheque with: student Name + Surname
2. 现金支付:开学之后直接交给本班老师。
Pay your tuition fee (cash) to your class teacher when the term starts.

退学以及退费规则:学生家长可以在任何阶段提出退学请求。学费不退返,除非是在第一个学期的 中期假期(half term)之前退学的, 退费金额则为全年学费的 5/6, 再扣除退学手续费 £20。Withdrawal & Refund Policy: Students can withdrawal at any time, however refund of school fee will be only given if the withdrawal request was made to the school within the first 6 weeks. The refund will be 5/6 of the paid fee deducted the admin charge which is 20 pounds.

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Extra Curricular (兴趣班)
Two 11+ Exam preparation class:
(1) For Yr5 students   10:00-12:00
(2) For Yr4 students   12:00- 13:00
To apply using the link
or email
                 Welcome to Reading Chinese School

The Reading Chinese School was established in 1978. The school's aim is to provide education in both Chinese language and culture for children and adults of all ages and backgrounds.
中文课程设置 courses include:
  • 常规班(学前 - 七年级)reception to year 7
  • 中高考班 GCSE/A level
  • 成人班 adult learners class
  • 11+冲刺班 11+ exam tuition class
  • 亲子互动班 mother and toddler group
* 雷丁中文学校是雷丁地区唯一汉语考试中心 *
* Reading Chinese School is the only HSK Exam Centre in Reading, UK *
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