Chinese Proficiency Test


 YCT Application Form 报名表

HSK Application Form 报名表

YCT, HSK,HSKK居家网考的考试日期 Test Date: 2023年5月14日(星期日 Sunday)

报名截止日期 Deadline for Application: 2023年04月10日

Please submit one passport size photo, taken within 3-6 months before the test(for HSK3-6 candidates only, YCT candidates and HSK1-2 are not required to submit a photo)

居家网考考试费/Test Fee:

1. 考试报名费 Test Registration fee: £10

2. 只考HSK1或HSK2笔试,不参加口试的考生:

HSK1 - £15
HSK2 - £25

HSK3 - £35
HSK4 - £45

HSK5 - £55

HSK6 -£65

HSKK Speaking Test 口语考试:
HSKK Speaking Basic: £25

HSKK Intermediate £35

HSKK Advanced: £45

HSK1+HSKK Basic £40.00
HSK2+HSKK Basic £50.00
HSK3+HSKK Basic £60.00

HSK4+HSKK Intermediate £80.00
HSK5+HSKK Advanced £100.00
HSK6+HSKK Advanced £110.00


3. YCT Test Fee 考试费:

YCT1 - £5
YCT2 - £10
YCT3 - £20
YCT4 - £25

YCT Speaking Basic: £10

YCT Speaking Intermediate: £10


Before you submit your applicatio, please make sure payment is made to:
Reading Chinese School
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Sort Code: 30-96-96
Account Number: 01402495

雷丁中文学校学生请在汇款备注栏填:班级+考生姓名+考试类别, 非雷丁中文学校考生请在汇款备注栏填:考生姓名+考试类别/ Reference备注: Please use "class name" + "student name" + "test module", for non-Reading Chinese School students, please use "student name" + "test module".

*Test Module: YCT or HSK

for any enquiry about the Chinese Proficiency Test please contact via email:

Youth Chinese Test (YCT) | 中小学生汉语考试

YCT consists of two independent parts: written test and oral test.

The written test is made up of four levels from YCT Level 1 to Level 4.

YCT Level 1: for children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 80. Passed examinees can understand and use very basic Chinese words and sentences, and able to study further Chinese.

YCT Level 2: for children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 150. Passed examinees can understand and use very basic Chinese words and sentences, capable of very basic communication needs.

YCT Level 3: for children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 300. Passed examinees can produce simple and direct communication of their familiar day to day topic, reach the primary merit level of Chinese.

YCT Level 4: for children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 600 and above. Passed examinees can carry out basic communication tasks of life, study and work. They can answer most communication tasks during a travel in China.

The oral test includes YCT-Speaking (Basic) and YCT-Speaking (Intermediate).

An Introduction to the New YCT (in English)


HSK Chinese proficiency test | 汉语水平考试

The New HSK comprises six levels from HSK-Level 1 to HSK-Level 6: 

  • HSK-Level 1: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 1 can understand and use simple words and sentences to fulfill specific communication needs and have a foundation for the further study of Chinese. 
  • HSK-Level 2: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 2 can communicate simply and directly on daily topics they are familiar with. Level 2 have reached the advanced stage of beginner level.
  • HSK-Level 3: Test takes who reach HSK-Level 3 can complete basic communication tasks in daily life, study and work. If travelling in China, Level 3 can handle most communication tasks they encounter.
  • HSK-Level 4: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 4 can discuss a relatively wide range of topics in Chinese and are able to communcate with native speaker.
  • HSK-Level 5: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 5 can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, appreciate Chinese films and television, and are able to write and deliver a full speech.
  • HSK-Level 6: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 6 can easily understand what they read and listen, and express themselves fluently in written and oral Chinese.

HSK test information

The table shows the level of vocabulary expected, test duration and score:

Test syllabus, sample papers and online practice | 网上资源

Test Syllabus and Sample test papers (考试大纲及真题) at

Online practice 网上模拟考试 at

Some good resources for exam prep: