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9月19日 周日将推出第二次公益讲座:我如何申请牛津剑桥

主讲人:中文学校明星学生,剑桥法律系新生,中文A Level A*获得者丘可婷
讲座内容:可婷的大学申请经历,Personal Statement的写作建议,牛剑两校申请过程对比

报名参与办法:报名请加微信好友ID: Liuyan7441 

Schoo Library

Hello everyone! After discussion, Reading Chinese school library will be opened from next week. However, due to the need to wait for new name lists and allow the librarian to organise the book collection. September can only return book.
It is expected library is fully from October! The time is 10.15 am -11.30am To avoid too many people indoors, it is only allow two people in each time, this will also help not to disturb the students in class. Thank you parents for your understanding and cooperation! looking forward to see you there.

预期十月份开始可借书了!时间是10.15 am -11.30am 避免太多人在室内,每次只能两人进出这样也不会打扰到孩子们上课。感谢家长们的理解与合作!欢迎到图书馆来。