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Reading Chinese School

Registered Charity No: 1163869


Welcome to Reading Chinese School

All students must submit online application form. Please note we no longer accept paper form.


If you are current student, please make sure you have submitted an online application since August 2018. 

If you are a returned student and your personal information speically your medical status, contact details have changed, please make sure you submit a new online application form to keep the school record updated.




1. 开学当天现金或者支票直接交给班主任 Cash or cheque to the class teacher on the 1st day of school.

支票抬头请写   please make cheque payable to

Reading  Chinese School

请在支票后面备注:学生名+姓氏 班级老师名字

Please remark at the back of the cheque with:

student Name + Surname and the class teacher's name

2. 学费:

A)  3-17 [3岁-17岁 ] 学费 180镑/学年 (三个学期)

B) iGCSE/A level Prep Class 中学会考备考班 210镑/学年(三个学期)

C)  18+ [18岁以上 ] 成人班学费 240镑/学年 (三个学期)

D) 11+ Year 4 Year 5 四年級 & 五年級 (请联系陈宝秀老师 please contact PohSiew Tan :




学费不退返,除非是在第一个学期的 中期假期(half term)之前退学的, 退费金额则为全年学费的 5/6, 再扣除退学手续费 £20。

Withdrawal & Refund Policy:

Students can withdrawal at any time, however refund of school fee will be only given if the withdrawal request was made to the school within the first 6 weeks. The refund will be 5/6 of the paid fee deducted the admin charge which is 20 pounds.